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StreetLaw is a pro bono project at Stanford Law — one of the school’s oldest, and traditionally among its largest and most active. Our members work in teams to teach incarcerated and at-risk youth about law and the legal system, primarily at San Mateo County Youth Services Center (“Hillcrest”). Each week, teachers choose a lesson on substantive law (e.g., Gangs, Drugs, Immigration) or criminal procedure (e.g., Hearings and Pleas, Search and Seizure). Through interactive lectures, discussion, and activities, students learn what the law is on a variety of areas, how it can affect them, and how to deal with police, lawyers, and judges as they navigate the legal system. Our goal is to inform incarcerated youth of their rights and responsibilities within our justice system, empower them to work productively within it, and promote critical thinking about its structure and operations.

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Key Documents

Our two-page Introductory Brochure has more information on StreetLaw for new and prospective members.

Our Teacher Handbook [coming soon] has a full set of information for current teachers on logistics, lesson planning, teaching strategies, organization policies, and other useful resources.


StreetLaw’s curriculum consists of an initial, required lesson, “The Basics,” followed by the remaining optional lessons. The optional lessons can be taught any time in the quarter, and you can even skip the Introductory lesson if your students have taken StreetLaw before; it’s up to you and the students which optional lessons to teach, and when.

We’ll be updating the lessons throughout the year, so make sure to download the most up-to-date version from this site before you start planning your lesson.

If you have any feedback after you’ve taught a lesson please let us know by filling out this form.

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Optional lessons
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